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Would you like to see what a funnel that’s currently making $17,947 PER DAY (not per month) looks like?And, what if you could ETHICALLY knock off this SAME funnel, in less than 10 minutes?We're going to show you behind the scenes of this funnel (you'll see each of the pages, and why they work so well).Reserve Your Seat Here >>Now, this funnel is in a strange niche, but you can use the framework to build out million dollar funnels selling info products, coaching program, local services and more...Would you like to see this funnel? If so, then reserve your seat here:

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Udimi - Buy Solo Ads
Udimi - Buy Solo Ads
Affiliate Bootcamp: This is a $997 training course we give away FREE to help train affiliates on how to do affiliate marketing. This also takes them through the process to become a ClickFunnels affiliate and how our 'Dream Car" bonus works. You will be set up as their 2nd tier affiliate once they sign up.What's Your Dream Car: This is a link that takes them directly to sign up to be an affiliate for ClickFunnels and how our "Dream Car" bonus works. (100 Days Videos Training Course ClickFunnles Give You FREE) 

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This Book is The Real Deal and So is Russell.The Teachings in his Book are Responsible For The Success We Have Seen in Our Business Over The Last 6 Months Alone.He Talks About Being 1 Funnel Away From Your Greatest Success and We Couldn't Agree More. Our Company's Revenue Went From $0 - $500K in 6 Months With Just One Funnel, and By Following The Secrets He Discusses For Creating a Massive Movement and Following.We are Extremely Excited to Partner With Russell and to Get This Message Out to More People! In Fact, If This Video is Still Up Then You Can Click Below and Get a Copy of This Amazing Book For FREE (Just Cover The s&h)

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TI just found out that Russell Brunson is about to release his new book: "DotComSecrets" - and he wants to send YOU a review copy for FREE!This is what you need to do RIGHT NOW to get your copy:First - go to this website and let him know where to ship it to (you'll have to pay a tiny shipping fee)
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Is it just me, or is the HARDEST part of creating an awesome funnel. is THE COPY. Yes, the headlines, sales letters / videos, upsells, ect. In the past, most copywriters charge $15k or more just for ONE sales letter! So - unless you're willing to pay the crazy high fees, and often even give up equity in your company, it can be REALLY hard / expensive to get good copy done for your funnels. Well... that is until now!You can go and see a demo webinar showing you a new software program we created that will actually write you copy for you!!! (And it isn't going to cost you $15k + equity). THIS is the next best thing to having ME actually sitting in your office writing copy for you! Want to see how it works? If so, then register for the 'Funnel Scripts' demo here

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 Funnel University - FREE today!I just hooked you up, and you can thank me later.Did you know that when you "test drive" Funnel University, they'll actually send you this gift in the mail worth $697?Here's what it looks like:Read the entire page here to see what you need to do next to get this full training course shipped to you for FREE:Here's the scoop...Yes, we're going to send you for FREE (when you say "maybe") all of these cool things:- Funnel Stacking - My new book that shows the 3 funnels that make 98% of my income AND all of the stats on each page, the emails that link them together and MORE! ($297 Value)- The Funnel U Black Card - This is the equivalent of a $2,000 funnel marketing course, but instead of shipping you a dozen DVD's, we put them all on this USB black card! ($497 Value)- Funnel U Print Newsletter - I try to funnel hack AT LEAST one funnel per day. That means that I dissect 30+ funnels per month so I can consistently find the newest, best ways people are building their funnels. Each month I pick my top 2 funnels, and we build our newsletter around that. ($1,297 Value)- DotComSecrets Labs Software Suite - You'll get instant access to some of the COOLEST marketing software tools on the planet. Instant Survey Generator, Video Image Uploader, Webinar Chat App and MORE! ($1,997 Value)- And a WHOLE bunch more...For the next few days (or until he sells out) Russell is GIVING away this full course for FREE when you test drive Funnel University today!Because Russell is eating all of the cost for you he has made this an extremely limited offer.(He only has 2,000 of these packages in stock)All you have to do is say "maybe" and take the Funnel University 14 day trial, and I'll send you all that awesome stuff for free!If you don't like it, just let us know in 14 days, and we'll cancel your account, and you can keep the HUGE $697 package as his gift to you.Sound fair?Read the entire page here to see what you need todo next.

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How to sell any MLM offer without talking to your friends and family. Are you a professional struggling to grow your business? "But, I sell things offline. "But... I'm in the eCommerce space, But... I have a service-based business."No more "buts" about it! We have proven over the last 10 years that the Perfect Webinar blueprint literally sells anything and everything. If you're selling eCommerce products this will work for you. Many of our eCommerce sellers who have mastered the Perfect Webinar will bundle a bunch of their products together, make a kit, sell it on the webinar and make more money in a day than they typically make in an entire month.
Professional services? Do a webinar... at the end pitch people your services and you'll get clients at higher fees with a lot less drama...
Network Marketers: The Perfect Webinar to date has helped people in your industry make well over $100 million (and that's just what we can track...) The Perfect Webinar works... it's perfect... don't screw it up... don't deviate from it. You can plug any product or service you want into this blueprint and it will sell it for you. Don't believe me? Give it a try. You can get a copy of the script for less than $10 bucks at
Claim Your Perfect Webinar Script Here >> But be sure not to mess it up! The only time I've seen it not work is when people don't follow the script the right way. Every one of those pieces we put in there is from what my friend Russell learned in his 10 year journey of speaking on stage after stage after stage. 10 years of presenting and failing... bruising hsi knees and bloodying his knuckles testing everything in front of live audiences until we knew exactly what worked and what didn't work. Some things might not make much sense at first... but trust me, they work! It's kind of like Mr. Miyagi in Karate Kid. Mr. Miyagi tells to paint the fence and wax the car.
At first Daniel doesn't understand. He approaches Mr. Miyagi later in frustration and tells him, "I quit! I'm not here to do your chores... I'm here to do Karate..." Then Mr. Miyagi throws a punch at Daniel and he instinctively waxes the car and blocks his punch...
At that moment Daniel knew why Mr. Miyagi was having him do these weird things. The same thing will happen to you when you do your first Perfect Webinar and follow the script and your sales start coming in. You'll feel your heart beating faster and faster when you realize that this is it... this is the key to your future... That's what I want you to understand. So even though some parts don't make sense right now... trust me, they work. "Wax the car" and "paint the fence" with me for a little bit and prove me wrong... :)
Worst case scenario, you're right... Best case scenario, you make a whole bunch of money... So go get a copy of the Perfect Webinar Script here:

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