Apple Wins Patent For Apple Watch Band That Permits FaceTime Call

Apple Wins Patent For A Future Apple Watch Band that permits FaceTime Call

Apple Inc. had been rumored to be wanting to introduce a FaceTime feature into their Apple Watches for a few time. However, today, the U.S. Patent and Trademark workplace simply granted a patent to Apple concerning a special band for the Apple Watch with either one or 2 in-built cameras. These inbuilt cameras would facilitate the Watches gain the feature of Selfies and FaceTime conferencing. allow us to check up on this patent with some detail.

Apple Watch: the last word Device for FaceTime

Way back in 2016, Apple had denoted a Patent Report titled ‘Ultimate Selfie Camera’. within the report, Apple had mentioned, “the camera will be disposed on the front surface of Apple Watch face capturing pictures of the user. This will away with the necessity of a camera that lies in the aspect of the Apple Watch. This feature would additionally facilitate within the users taking higher selfies with their Apple Watches. But, however, will this previous patent work with the new patent mentioned above?


The answer to the current lies in its image process. The recent Apple’s newly granted patent additionally covers a processor for capturing and process pictures. Now, this permits a really distinctive perform to the Apple Watch. it’ll be ready to track the face of the user whereas mistreatment FaceTime. this may lead to a comparatively stable video stream, no matter the motion of the hands.

How Are the Multiple Cameras coming back Into Play?

The preceding image capturing and process feature of the device offers some new ‘abilities’. The device could currently use the antecedently captured pictures of the supply to offer an ideal angle of video shooting nearly, although the camera may not be in a perfect video streaming position. as an example, the photographs of the supply of interest may well be captured from multiple cameras shown on the device. Now, the wrist joint is one amongst the smallest amount stable elements of our body. Now, the user may not be holding the watch within the better of positions for video streaming. But, supported antecedently captured pictures, the watch are ready to method a video on the screen from that it’d look like the watch is command at an ideal angle.

To facilitate the performance mentioned higher than, the cameras are thought to equip wide angle lenses. this may facilitate them capture lots of the supply subject, together with his surroundings. The watch could then be ready to the method the image and simply concentrate on the supply subject. this may permit the supply subject to be extracted and every one the opposite surroundings discarded with.

Therefore, if the user moves his hand throughout a FaceTime decision, the supply subject, i.e. the Face, can still be within the wide-angle read of the cameras. this may afford a stable video streaming no matter motion, doing away with the necessity to take care of a gentle wrist joint position.

How is that the Band visiting Accompany the Watch?

The patent deals with a specialty watch band that has to be coupled to the watch body. this may build it attainable for the cameras on the wristband to integrate themselves with the camera on the watch body. currently, the question arises – however, is that the band visiting be created offered to the consumer? As of currently, one amongst 2 things would possibly happen. Either the band is created into an adjunct band which might get replaced PRN. Or, this band may well be created into a customary band incidental to the Apple Watch.

Either way, it’s timely to inform because the production of the band hasn’t started nevertheless. however, once it will, the Apple Watch would possibly simply be THE device to possess.


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